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The simple goal to provide quality services has brought forward a small group of people to grow and advance in all that they do. As we have aged through time, the aspect of experience has brought in quality and the many other aspects that any client will be looking to gain from us. So remember the name and come forward to know more about Thomas Bratzke.

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Our Specialization

Take a look at a few of the most critical areas where our expertise shines like a beacon of hope.
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Extending the barriers of architecture to create a difference that will make you happy about your project.

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Exterior Design​

Decoding the many elements of exterior design as it branches together your requirements and needs for the better.

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Furniture Design​

Move along the lines of creativity and get a complete service with furniture design since it is here for good.

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Landscape Design​

Take the aspects of design-forward and enter a whole new approach as landscape design is bound to change it all.

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Site Planning

A proper form of planning that captures the requirements and chalks out a plan for the future.

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Interior Design​

Interiors that look stunning and aesthetically appealing are the ones that one can expect to receive from us.

Our Recent Projects

Have a look at a few of our recent projects that are still being talked about.

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High Tower Building


Skyscraper Project


National Museum


Skyscraper Tower


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Our Work

From huge towers to small buildings that decade the brilliance of architecture, our work is something that you need to experience.

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The Application of Smart Film in Healthcare and the Glass Door Industry

The Application of Smart Film in
Healthcare and the Glass Door
Switchable smart films are now being used extensively in healthcare and the glass
door industry. They can be applied to existing glass surfaces easily, serve as
projection screens, and help reduce the spread of harmful pathogens such as VRE
and MRSA. Read on to discover more about the advantages of these film กระจก. They’ll
also make your windows more energy-efficient, too! So, if you’re looking for a new
way to improve the look and functionality of your windows, smart film is for you.

Why is Smart Glass Important in Healthcare Industry? - Chiefway Malaysia
Switchable smart films are in high demand in the
glass door and healthcare industry
Switchable smart films are AC-powered devices that regulate the level of light
transmission. They can be opaque, translucent, or a mixture of the two. Demand for
switchable smart films in healthcare and glass doors is high due to rising consumer

awareness and government regulations that promote the construction of energy-
efficient buildings. In addition to the building sector, switchable smart films are also

widely used in windows and doors smart film glass.
In 2019, the switchable smart film market was valued at USD 2,934.8 million. The
demand for this product is expected to reach USD 9,026 million by 2027, at a CAGR
of 15.7%. This market is expected to grow rapidly through the forecast period due to
increased adoption of smart films in North America and the automotive sector.
However, there are several factors that will drive the growth of the switchable smart
film market in the coming years.
They can be easily applied to existing glass
The Electrolytic Smart GLASS Switchable Smart Pdlc Film can be applied to existing
glass surfaces, whether they are frosted or clear. It is self-adhesive and can be
easily cut with tailor scissors or factory cutting equipment. Its versatility makes it the
perfect solution for any home or business. Smart films are a great alternative to
electrochromic glass for homes and business offices.
The best thing about Smart films is that they can be custom-cut to fit any glass
surface. This way, you can get the exact shape and size you need. Avoid companies
that sell pre-cut, standard-sized sheets. Then, you have to cut them and attach a
busbar. The Smart Film is also easy to apply to curved glass surfaces. Smart Film is
flexible, and it can even be trimmed to fit odd-shaped windows.

Switchable Blackout Decorative Smart Switch Glass
They can be used as a projection screen
Switchable Smart Projection Film is a thin layer that is applied to glass or plexiglas
and can be switched from clear to opaque to use as a high-definition rear projection
screen. This flexible film is available in standard sizes of thirty-two inches to ninety-

two inches diagonal and is easily custom cut to fit any glass or partition. Multiple
pieces of the film can be joined to create large format displays.
The switchable smart film is a great product for media centers and homes. The
translucent layer becomes opaque once powered off. When you switch off the
power, the Smart film becomes opaque. This makes it ideal for rear projection.
Because it is flexible, the film can be used as a projection screen or for window
blinds. Smart films can also be dimmed. They are an excellent choice for homes,
offices, and classrooms.
They can reduce the transmission of MRSA and
VRE pathogens
VRE is an extremely difficult bacteria to treat and is a common cause of
gastrointestinal illness. It thrives in the intestines and the female genital tract and
can be difficult to eradicate without the use of antibiotics. While VRE is not often
fatal, it can be very problematic for patients who have compromised immune
systems or who have wounds. Since there is no cure for this infection, many nations
are struggling to tackle the problem.
While conventional methods such as surgical masks and hand sanitizers work well
for many infections, droplet precautions are still necessary. These devices are not
only used for patient safety but also for improving privacy. They reduce the amount
of contact between patients and medical staff. They are also used to control the
spread of pathogens to other people and minimize the spread of MRSA and VRE.

Your Shot at Hitting the Jackpot with Casinos

Your Shot at Hitting the Jackpot with Casinos


Gambling has been taking place in some form or the other, since time immemorial. Be it China with the discovery of games of chance, or Egypt with the excavation of the oldest known dice, or even the betting on animal fights by the Greeks and Romans; Gambling has always existed. Slowly with its spread and evolution b9 casino, it became more organized and regulated. The first Casino or gambling house was established in Italy during the 17th century and then with time, casinos started to appear throughout the whole continent of Europe during the 19th century. Today we see all major countries in the world have a number of casinos and gambling houses as well as the mobile forms of it through online versions.

Casinos – House for the lavish

The word Casino has its origins in Italy where it was considered a public building to host functions like dancing, gambling, concerts b9 casino review, etc. Even though now it is associated with the word ‘gaming’, not all casinos are used for gaming. The planning that goes into building a casino is an intricate process because of the accurate flooring, odour, and atmosphere it needs to create to encourage gamblers. 

Fun fact: Casinos have no clocks or windows, making you focused and lose track of time.


Gambling in the Casinos

People gamble in casinos by playing the various games present in it. Some are games of chances and luck, while the rest and based on skill. A few games to be named are poker, craps, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, etc. Gamblers put a certain amount of money at stake by betting on their chances of winning, and if the odds are in their favor, they get to take their opponents’ stakes too. Most of these games work based on the luck factor which makes gambling an addiction sometimes because of people wanting to keep trying out their luck. This gives rise to the next question –

Why Online Gambling is Becoming the "King" of the Casino Industry

How to bet in Casinos?

Casinos can pretty much compel you into believing in your victory, but you need to play smart.

  • Start by selecting a game that suits your knowledge
  • Know the game procedure and winning odds well
  • Have a strict budget on how much you will spend on bets
  • Place your bet and apply strategies wherever possible
  • Claim your casino incentives after reading terms and conditions only
  • Save money before you lose it all
  • Know where to draw the line to prevent it from becoming an addiction


Now that you have read about what casinos are and how to bet in Casinos, you can go ahead and give it a try. Places like Vegas, California, and London are major casino hubs. But a very important aspect to take care of addiction. There have been many cases of gambling addiction and getting rid of it can be a tiresome process. Hence, know your limits and discipline yourself when it comes to betting activities. Once you master this, you are all set to hit the jackpot!

Best Use of the Online Shopping

Best Use of the Online Shopping

The rise of the Internet has revolutionized habits and ways of doing things in almost all sectors of activity best vacuum cleaner malaysia. In recent years, online commerce has experienced impressive success thanks to computer networks. This is undoubtedly explained by the many possibilities and advantages offered by electronic commerce or e-commerce. In addition, there are certain strategies to give yourself more visibility and increase internet sales. This is the example of online marketing strategies. In this article, we will discuss the importance of e-commerce. So what is e-commerce? What are its advantages of the online shopping?

Retail Feedback Group Study Finds Surge In Dual Channel Grocery Shopping - Pinnacle Food Sales

What is electronic commerce?

Simply put, e-commerce or electronic commerce consists of exchanging goods and services between two people at a distance on computer networks, that is to say through the internet. Initially, in the late 1990s, users of this new sales and service channel had some concerns handheld vacuum cleaner review, but in recent years the reliability and success of e-commerce has convinced almost everyone.

The advantages of online commerce

The importance of online business is easily linked through its many advantages. Here are a few.

A global market

With the internet, there is no longer any geographic limit as regards the sales market Shop Journey. The computer system makes it possible to have customers all over the world. They can, in a few clicks, access offers and services and are served. This is an advantage that benefits the entire service chain (service providers, customers, auxiliaries). Opening up to the global market is a guarantee of the success of online sales. It is important to clarify that to reach this global market, you need to have good online marketing. In this regard,   Web Conversion is a professional agency that helps online sales sites achieves this dream.

Targeted sales

The customer targeting is one of the most exciting benefits of online commerce. Indeed, this process allows service providers to quickly identify the websites of companies that need their services or products. Otherwise, we know who the customer is who needs the product we are offering. This allows providers to save money and know who to contact.

Importance of E-Commerce and online shopping and why to sell Online. | by Nyxone | Medium


With online commerce, the long waits for services given the high demand are over. Online services and products are accessible 24/7. Customers can shop and be served quickly from anywhere.

For some of us, it’s a joy to walk the malls and other shopping streets in search of birthday or Christmas presents. For others, it’s hell or just impossible for lack of time. Sometimes it even turns into a marathon if the desired product is no longer available anywhere.

This year the situation is also special. If the closure of physical stores was only temporary, the most fragile among us might be tempted to avoid going to street stores to avoid exposure.


Just like the latter, and since the Internet has existed, those resistant to the race for gifts in street shops can avoid this ordeal and quietly search online for gift ideas. There remains the last step, the most delicate: online payment, which is usually done by credit card. How can you not be fooled and not be afraid of having your card number hacked?

Assessment Of Retail Store Marketing and Its Execution 

Assessment Of Retail Store Marketing and Its Execution 

Retail symposium puts the shop inside the retail level digital signage supplier. It can include a wide range of tactics, transactions with discounts and up-sales offers, contact with specialized consumer value specialists, and entrance fees or shop cards. Both these tactics share one thing: They offer rewards and discounts for consumers that keep them coming again. The Retail store marketing goal of all retail marketing is to commitment to the consumer base, which has some interesting points.

4 Best Practices for In-Store Marketing - Tweak Your Biz

Interaction between individuals

Retail displays require informal experiences, which are not involved with any other types of equal presentation. Person communication on various levels is important to the consumer and can contribute to a continuous brand-customer partnership digital touch signage. Connections are the establishment of potential deals and are a big player in the option between the goods and the customer’s administrations. To Retail store marketing ensure that individual experiences optimize the business marketing value of the organization, a certain amount of personnel planning and detailed contracting is necessary.

Regulation in real time

Retail promotion is less demanding to search, change, and adjust the actual buyer and the brand’s desires to suit the circumstances. Not like an ad that will last for an unforeseen duration that cannot be altered or a radio position that can change radically, supermarket promotion will change if the ad and conditions demand from a day to an hour. If you are unlikely to make a bargain with widgets and find something they do not yet sell, you can change the progress towards a gift. For every $50 one gadget was free in the shop. This has completed your task of pushing the controls while increasing the number of sales.

Initial stakeholders

Retail advertisements are even more convincing than other types of shows when they get you the buyer. Customers shopping in a single shop demonstrate their curiosity among the products and administrations that exchange only provides with the desire to visit. When you know that the customers you control are already patronizing your shop or that you are curious about the object, it’s so Retail store marketing much easier to appoint them help products and administrations. Instead of having an interesting beginning, supermarket promotion helps you to prolong the fascinated launch to refresh offers.

Supermarkets surpass discounters in shopping experience | Supermarket News

Program of dedication

Loyalty services highlight the retail market on the next phase with the integration of in-store innovations and long-term incentives that keep the customer current and long-term included. For the example, cards routinely offer exceptional figures for any obtained object and enter into arrangements not valued by non-members. Moreover, cardholders are offered exceptional coupons and discounts on the amount paid on sales. It raises the amount of contact focuses between your trade and consumers and tracks the fact that your brand can hold your intelligence before you for expanded times.

Attempting to sell of retail

Customer-driven retail offers would be a product-based strategy, which encourages the customer to consume the product because they provide advantages. The seller will print the item through a discount deal strategy and set up a store so that the shopper shops for the item at the seller’s place of business. The desires and wishes of the consumer are important in retail deals, and the customer orders the goods in great part as he needs them.

Most Essential website design development Options That You Need to Follow

Most Essential website design development Options That You Need to Follow

Generally, the construction phases of a website can be summarized in “4D”: define, design, develop and deploy. With define we mean the definition of objectives and typologies and the definition of an expense budget, essential for defining the technical specifications digital marketing agency malaysia. By design we mean everything related to the structure and graphic aspect of the site, which must be user-friendly and graphically accurate.

With develop we mean the actual design and development phase, more or less complex depending on whether you opt for a Proprietary CMS or an Open Source one.

Image result for Most Essential website design development Options That You Need to Follow

With deploy we mean, trivially, everything that concerns the management of the site: follow the updating, the traffic, manage the promotion and marketing. You need to keep this in mind for website design development.

For simplicity, we will reorganize the speech into three basic phases: design, development One Search Pro, website management and performance monitoring.

Phase 1: Website design

Before proceeding with the design of the site, there are three fundamental elements to be defined: type of site and objectives, specific technical requirements, graphics and design.

Definition of the type of site

In order to start the design, it is first necessary to define the type of website and the message you want to communicate, the objective of the website. Trivially, there are three types:

Landing page, i.e. a website generally consisting of a single page, designed to promote a specific action. It is, trivially, a very simple site, with an essential structure, usually containing a simple plug in for data collection. It is generally associated with a dedicated digital marketing campaign and is used, for example, in the case of particular promotions, launches of new products or services, or more simply used for generating contacts for the newsletter.

A generic company site, consisting of several pages, more complex than the single Landing Page must still be present within the site but less structured than an e-commerce site. It is generally used to promote various actions and is suitable for increasing brand awareness and for carrying out a mainly informative function.

An e-Commerce site, used for the online sale of products and services, more complex than a generic site as it is structured on several levels and enriched with all the functions necessary for the sale: not only does it have multiple category pages, subcategories and many product pages, but it must also include adequate structure and plug-ins for managing orders, reservations, payments, reviews, customer service and much more.

Image result for website design development Options

Definition of any technical requirements

Once the objectives and types have been defined, it is necessary to think about any technical requirements and special requests to be met in the event of special needs or for the performance of specific functions, such as the automation of certain functions, import of products, presence of a CRM integrated into the ERP.

Definition of graphics and design

Once defined also by technical requirements, you can switch to the lighter, defining graphics and design of the site. In this sense, it is essential to keep elements coherent with the image and personality of the brand as much as possible, remembering that it is, above all, a company showcase.

In defining a graphic line, it should also be borne in mind that the same consistency must be maintained between the various pages of the site, which, in order not to generate confusion during navigation, must have the same style.

Benefits of motherhood and parenting tips

Benefits of motherhood and parenting tips

The maternity has a favorable impact on the whole being of the mother, and in some respects also the father that will be necessary for positive parenting twins baby monitor, and develop others that are needed for the exercise of parenthood.

4 Easy Ways Employers Can Support New Mothers In The Workplace

Maternity and paternity benefits

Pregnancy and the birth of a child is a significant event in the life of a woman. Motherhood gives women a sharp boost in the ability to memorize and learn due to the rapid development of the brain after the birth of a baby Experts argue that the positive effect of childbirth is linked to changes in the size and shape of individual areas of the brain and can last for several years.

The reasons for the positive changes in the brain are related to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and lactation. There is also increased perception, which allows women to recognize the child, in particular by focusing on smells and sounds.

Doctors have long talked about the benefits of a late pregnancy and continue to talk. In the case of later delivery, the female brain receives additional force during the same period in which the memory impairment characteristic of adulthood usually begins. In this way, mental health is prolonged. Furthermore, scientists believe that childbirth has a positive impact not only on a woman’s mental abilities, but also on her general physical condition.

Despite the fact that over time, the health of the woman weakens and the physiological load may be more difficult to tolerate than at an early age, during childbirth after 40 years, hidden reserves of the body are included; now the woman needs time to raise a child.

The father also has the opportunity to be wise after the child’s birth. If a man is actively involved in raising a child, then brain stimulation, which is also associated with new processes, will lead to an improvement in his work.

Secrets to Cleaning with Kids | Parents

Recommendations for parenting

Fathers want to be good mothers and fathers to their children. To help the child maximize his abilities, parents should:

  • Raise the child, satisfying his need for love and security.
  • In still in the child moral values, contribute to the full development of his personality. This implies establishing certain norms of behavior, in which a positive personal example on the part of the parents plays a fundamental role. When setting limits, it is extremely important to make the child aware that this is primarily for their safety and for the development of their own life values.
  • Satisfy a child’s need to be recognized as a person. The child needs more attention for himself: he wants to be heard, to show interest in his daily life, in other words, to be appreciated as a person.
  • Cultivate self- confidence, that is, strengthen the child’s confidence in his knowledge and skills, increase his ability to control himself and influence the behavior of others.

How to teach the child positive behavior

To help children learn positive behavior, parents need:

Pay constant attention to them, be interested in their relationships with their peers and what they learn in school, as children grow.

Help children understand the possible consequences of certain decisions they make.

Encourage, with special attention and praise, any positive aspects of children’s behavior and ignore unwanted behavior.

Be an example to children in their behavior, show respect in dealing with them, and teach constructive ways to resolve conflict.

Favorable results of positive teaching include the fact that children begin to get along more easily. They have fewer difficulties with behavior and their emotional state is stabilized. It is easier for them to talk about what worries or scares them. Positive parenting helps children become good, “positive” parents in the future. At the same time, parents improve relationships with their children, the level of tension, depression and irritability decreases, which reduces the risk of child abuse and the number of conflicts between parents themselves.


10 Things Every Architecture Student Needs to Know Now


It is not a hoax that nature speaks to you in many different ways, but do the buildings do? Not literally, but it definitely forms a medium for the architecture to convey their interests and messages to the audience. Although architecture is a study, it is a lot more than just studying the diameters and the dimensions of a building to place a bathroom and a kitchen. In this contemporary, demanding world we live in today, people are always looking for something more and something extra. Hence, it merely a responsibility for every architecture to follow these ten essentials mentioned in the article, to have a successful future and career in the field.

Options regarding the universities

An excellent university to provide the best education and also throw light on some of the most contemporary forms of designs and architecture, is essential for every student. For a successful career in the field, it is essential to pursue higher education. Universities and colleges that offer education in this front is the best bet to receive higher-end education in the field.


Study smart

The educational aspect of this field begs to be repeated. While some students beg a sign of relief on their graduation, the others have to burn their middling lamps to get to a higher position, which also is a lifetime-commitment.

Math skills

There exists a common saying that exceptional math skills can take future architects to places. Although simple, rudimentary math helps to sail the boat, it is certainly not harmful to possess exceptional math skills.

Math skills

Problem-solving skills

Designing buildings and creating a relaxing space for people to live in is not an easy job. Hence, potential architecture must possess the skills of creative problem-solving.

Learn from history

There’s no other book or piece of information out there that can surpass the lessons from the great, olden day architects. Looking back in time can throw perspective on the type of designs used by olden day architects and also help in creating contemporary designs in today’s modern architectural world.


One of the significant reasons universities and colleges take their students to historical cities and cities with modern skyscrapers are to understand the architecture form around the world. Witnessing the mesmerizing architecture in person and studying their details, is better than what we visualize from a book.


Run for the hills

Once you’re done with the architectural study, you are all off to run for the hill, but a committed architect will stay grounded and practice the years of learning to curate a responsible career.

Do not run behind money

If you dream of becoming a famous architect with great wealth, it will definitely be fruitful, but not along the first few years of the path. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience and dedication to get to that place. Don’t run behind money, especially in the first few years of your career.

run behind money

Attention to details

It is vital to pay attention to details while doing the job. A minute mistake can result in a disaster – with loss of money, time and energy.

The importance of internships

Landing on architectural internships is of paramount importance and success in a students’ life. Exposure in the competitive market will set the right foot into the realm.

Marzahner Promenade / Berlin

Thomas Bratzke opened on October 31. In 2008 a
room stylized as a broker’s office in Marzahner Promenade 33 in Berlin-Marzahn

A catalog of 40 found places with “great design potential” in and around the promenade was produced, which can be viewed on site.
Interested parties of all ages have the opportunity in the office to take part in finding ideas for the design of the future living space on the Marzahner Promenade.
In demand are artistic and architectural ideas as well as
playful dreams and daring castles in the air, which can be written down on specially made sketch sheets in a pleasant atmosphere.
The result is a collection from which a selection of sketches is made
, which Thomas Bratzke would like to prepare for a presentation in
order to use these drafts in the context of the redesign of the promenade from 2009
To present the decision-making body.

Zast Real Estate Center Rt 2008

In the rooms of Zast Real Estate, in addition to the catalogue with 40 locations for which design alternatives are sought, another medium is available for the free participation of visitors:

8 model facades of original locations in Reutlingen on a scale of 1: 1 are available for you. Produce your suggestions on site directly on the life-size model! Colour is available in moderation, so if you want to make larger and complex changes, just bring your own materials. The only time restrictions are the opening times, so you can take your time and develop your idea in peace. The changes to the models are documented and included in the final publication, so the viewer can later get to know and compare many different design variants for each location.

Leo Kene

The Müllerstrasse area in Berlin-Wedding is an area that is to be “upgraded” through urban renovation measures and cultural projects. At the center of the Müllerstraße shopping street is Leopoldplatz, which is also a traffic junction. Due to its location, Leopoldplatz is used by different groups: retailers, buyers, employees, residents and also drug scenes. The drug scenes, unloved by many local groups, were “relocated” to a rear part of Leopoldplatz at the end of July 2011, where the district removed the benches along Nazarethkirchstrasse and put them back up in an area behind the old Nazareth Church specially created for the scenes. The design of the new lounge area was accompanied by a mediation process between the groups. After the benches were gone, the district looked for a way to draw the attention of the remaining groups to the newly “won” area and to establish a new use permanently. So the search was on for a temporary art action, for example a conspicuous sculpture, which should effectively occupy and mark the contested space in public. In other words, art should be used to seal off or maintain a public space from the drug scene.

I was invited to prepare a project draft and so I was confronted with the interests of the district, the interests of the retailers and, in some cases, of the residents who do not want the drug scenes at this location on Leopoldplatz. In my conviction, art must never be instrumentalized as a means to exclude people from a room! Finally, I designed the work leo kene .

A floor work that can be entered at any time. The used kene patterns highlight an example of the competitive space. With the use of these patterns, I take a critical position on changing the socio-spatial situation at Leopoldplatz.

kene – build a pattern, fence, wall, trap

For four weeks I kneeled on the floor and stuck patterns on the sidewalk, which represent a translation of the  kene weaving patterns of the Kashinawa Indians. Who are the Kashinawa? In the Amazon region of Peru and Brazil, the Kashinawa lived autonomously until the 1990s. The small tribe lives on the edge of two states and for a long time resisted the establishment of economic relations with Peruvian and Brazilian settlers. The worldview of the Kashinawa deviates from our values.

kene are closely related to the perception of the Kashinawa. The geometric shapes of the kene patterns have their origin in the collective intoxication of the Kashinawa Indians. The Kashinawa established a socially anchored use of the psychedelic drug brew nishi pae , which is obtained from certain boiled down liana leaves. The brew is drunk. During the drug seanance that follows, one or more singers will sing specific, recurring lyrics and melodies. ? They lead the intoxicated through the sometimes frightening images and perceptions and remind them to return to the world. This ensures that nobody is harmed. The first part of the nishi paeIntoxication is described as very pleasant, everything is perceived as covered by patterns, even one’s own body.

Detailed information about the art of the Kahinawa can be found in “Paths of the Senses: Perception and Art among the Kashinawa Indians of Amazonia” by Barbara Keifenheim.