Marzahner Promenade / Berlin

Thomas Bratzke opened on October 31. In 2008 a
room stylized as a broker’s office in Marzahner Promenade 33 in Berlin-Marzahn

A catalog of 40 found places with “great design potential” in and around the promenade was produced, which can be viewed on site.
Interested parties of all ages have the opportunity in the office to take part in finding ideas for the design of the future living space on the Marzahner Promenade.
In demand are artistic and architectural ideas as well as
playful dreams and daring castles in the air, which can be written down on specially made sketch sheets in a pleasant atmosphere.
The result is a collection from which a selection of sketches is made
, which Thomas Bratzke would like to prepare for a presentation in
order to use these drafts in the context of the redesign of the promenade from 2009
To present the decision-making body.