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The simple goal to provide quality services has brought forward a small group of people to grow and advance in all that they do. As we have aged through time, the aspect of experience has brought in quality and the many other aspects that any client will be looking to gain from us. So remember the name and come forward to know more about Thomas Bratzke.

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Take a look at a few of the most critical areas where our expertise shines like a beacon of hope.

Extending the barriers of architecture to create a difference that will make you happy about your project.

Exterior Design​

Decoding the many elements of exterior design as it branches together your requirements and needs for the better.

Furniture Design​

Move along the lines of creativity and get a complete service with furniture design since it is here for good.

Landscape Design​

Take the aspects of design-forward and enter a whole new approach as landscape design is bound to change it all.

Site Planning

A proper form of planning that captures the requirements and chalks out a plan for the future.

Interior Design​

Interiors that look stunning and aesthetically appealing are the ones that one can expect to receive from us.

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From huge towers to small buildings that decade the brilliance of architecture, our work is something that you need to experience.

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10 Things Every Architecture Student Needs to Know Now


It is not a hoax that nature speaks to you in many different ways, but do the buildings do? Not literally, but it definitely forms a medium for the architecture to convey their interests and messages to the audience. Although architecture is a study, it is a lot more than just studying the diameters and the dimensions of a building to place a bathroom and a kitchen. In this contemporary, demanding world we live in today, people are always looking for something more and something extra. Hence, it merely a responsibility for every architecture to follow these ten essentials mentioned in the article, to have a successful future and career in the field.

Options regarding the universities

An excellent university to provide the best education and also throw light on some of the most contemporary forms of designs and architecture, is essential for every student. For a successful career in the field, it is essential to pursue higher education. Universities and colleges that offer education in this front is the best bet to receive higher-end education in the field.


Study smart

The educational aspect of this field begs to be repeated. While some students beg a sign of relief on their graduation, the others have to burn their middling lamps to get to a higher position, which also is a lifetime-commitment.

Math skills

There exists a common saying that exceptional math skills can take future architects to places. Although simple, rudimentary math helps to sail the boat, it is certainly not harmful to possess exceptional math skills.

Math skills

Problem-solving skills

Designing buildings and creating a relaxing space for people to live in is not an easy job. Hence, potential architecture must possess the skills of creative problem-solving.

Learn from history

There’s no other book or piece of information out there that can surpass the lessons from the great, olden day architects. Looking back in time can throw perspective on the type of designs used by olden day architects and also help in creating contemporary designs in today’s modern architectural world.


One of the significant reasons universities and colleges take their students to historical cities and cities with modern skyscrapers are to understand the architecture form around the world. Witnessing the mesmerizing architecture in person and studying their details, is better than what we visualize from a book.


Run for the hills

Once you’re done with the architectural study, you are all off to run for the hill, but a committed architect will stay grounded and practice the years of learning to curate a responsible career.

Do not run behind money

If you dream of becoming a famous architect with great wealth, it will definitely be fruitful, but not along the first few years of the path. It takes a lot of time, effort, patience and dedication to get to that place. Don’t run behind money, especially in the first few years of your career.

run behind money

Attention to details

It is vital to pay attention to details while doing the job. A minute mistake can result in a disaster – with loss of money, time and energy.

The importance of internships

Landing on architectural internships is of paramount importance and success in a students’ life. Exposure in the competitive market will set the right foot into the realm.

Marzahner Promenade / Berlin

Thomas Bratzke opened on October 31. In 2008 a
room stylized as a broker’s office in Marzahner Promenade 33 in Berlin-Marzahn

A catalog of 40 found places with “great design potential” in and around the promenade was produced, which can be viewed on site.
Interested parties of all ages have the opportunity in the office to take part in finding ideas for the design of the future living space on the Marzahner Promenade.
In demand are artistic and architectural ideas as well as
playful dreams and daring castles in the air, which can be written down on specially made sketch sheets in a pleasant atmosphere.
The result is a collection from which a selection of sketches is made
, which Thomas Bratzke would like to prepare for a presentation in
order to use these drafts in the context of the redesign of the promenade from 2009
To present the decision-making body.

Zast Real Estate Center Rt 2008

In the rooms of Zast Real Estate, in addition to the catalogue with 40 locations for which design alternatives are sought, another medium is available for the free participation of visitors:

8 model facades of original locations in Reutlingen on a scale of 1: 1 are available for you. Produce your suggestions on site directly on the life-size model! Colour is available in moderation, so if you want to make larger and complex changes, just bring your own materials. The only time restrictions are the opening times, so you can take your time and develop your idea in peace. The changes to the models are documented and included in the final publication, so the viewer can later get to know and compare many different design variants for each location.

Leo Kene

The Müllerstrasse area in Berlin-Wedding is an area that is to be “upgraded” through urban renovation measures and cultural projects. At the center of the Müllerstraße shopping street is Leopoldplatz, which is also a traffic junction. Due to its location, Leopoldplatz is used by different groups: retailers, buyers, employees, residents and also drug scenes. The drug scenes, unloved by many local groups, were “relocated” to a rear part of Leopoldplatz at the end of July 2011, where the district removed the benches along Nazarethkirchstrasse and put them back up in an area behind the old Nazareth Church specially created for the scenes. The design of the new lounge area was accompanied by a mediation process between the groups. After the benches were gone, the district looked for a way to draw the attention of the remaining groups to the newly “won” area and to establish a new use permanently. So the search was on for a temporary art action, for example a conspicuous sculpture, which should effectively occupy and mark the contested space in public. In other words, art should be used to seal off or maintain a public space from the drug scene.

I was invited to prepare a project draft and so I was confronted with the interests of the district, the interests of the retailers and, in some cases, of the residents who do not want the drug scenes at this location on Leopoldplatz. In my conviction, art must never be instrumentalized as a means to exclude people from a room! Finally, I designed the work leo kene .

A floor work that can be entered at any time. The used kene patterns highlight an example of the competitive space. With the use of these patterns, I take a critical position on changing the socio-spatial situation at Leopoldplatz.

kene – build a pattern, fence, wall, trap

For four weeks I kneeled on the floor and stuck patterns on the sidewalk, which represent a translation of the  kene weaving patterns of the Kashinawa Indians. Who are the Kashinawa? In the Amazon region of Peru and Brazil, the Kashinawa lived autonomously until the 1990s. The small tribe lives on the edge of two states and for a long time resisted the establishment of economic relations with Peruvian and Brazilian settlers. The worldview of the Kashinawa deviates from our values.

kene are closely related to the perception of the Kashinawa. The geometric shapes of the kene patterns have their origin in the collective intoxication of the Kashinawa Indians. The Kashinawa established a socially anchored use of the psychedelic drug brew nishi pae , which is obtained from certain boiled down liana leaves. The brew is drunk. During the drug seanance that follows, one or more singers will sing specific, recurring lyrics and melodies. ? They lead the intoxicated through the sometimes frightening images and perceptions and remind them to return to the world. This ensures that nobody is harmed. The first part of the nishi paeIntoxication is described as very pleasant, everything is perceived as covered by patterns, even one’s own body.

Detailed information about the art of the Kahinawa can be found in “Paths of the Senses: Perception and Art among the Kashinawa Indians of Amazonia” by Barbara Keifenheim.

Zast Real Estate Hamburg

Zast Real Estate would like to draw the Hamburg population’s attention to unused, urban
spaces and their design potential.

On February 22nd Therefore, in 2008 the Zast Real Estate office opened for the mediation of these
rooms and areas and in particular for the purpose of promoting a self-commissioned design approach in the city of Hamburg.

Interested parties/clients can find out more about catalogued spots and locations
, get advice after consultation, and then have the opportunity to sketch
their ideas and alternatives for the future appearance of these places in the
office themselves.

Building Therapy

Building Therapy is a production by Belluard Bollwerk International thanks to a cultural grant from the Canton of Friborg. With the kind support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros. Building Therapy is a project from the 2010 call for proposals “Urban Myth”.
Building Therapy is a production of Belluard Bollwerk International realised thanks to the Canton de Fribourg’s encouragement to culture. With the support of: Pour-cent culturel Migros. Building Therapy is a project of the contest 2010 “Urban Myth”.